Sep 17, 2009


Compilation with L.A. bands which acted over or under the ground in the early 80's-postpunk-psych-garage revival era. Some good (THE LAST, 100 FLOWERS), some rare (THE QUESTION, CLOCKWATCHERS), some very popular (RAIN PARADE)... and among them all, THE LEAVING TRAINS whose memorable first LP "Well Down The Blue Highway" (1984) we recommend to explorers of that kind of stuff.

THE LAST - try to rise
THE LEAVING TRAINS - leaving train
100 FLOWERS - 100 flowers
EARWIGS - stop the clock
WEDNESDAY WEEK - boy you got me good
RAIN PARADE - i look around
THE QUESTION - brand new world
THE POINT - pothead
100 FLOWERS - from the fire
THE QUESTION - shall be love
RAIN PARADE - this can't be today
WEDNESDAY WEEK - anyone like me
THE CLOCKWATCHERS - mishap at greebsley's
THE LEAVING TRAINS - creeping coastline of lights
THE LAST - brand new drug



Anonymous said...

The LP is now available on CD with about twice as many songs and more bands.

La Folie Du Jour said...

... and that's why we choose to post the initial "small" version of it.