Sep 4, 2009

V.A. "CLUB FOOT", Subterranean Records, US, 1980

Legendary San Francisco label, SUBTERRANEAN Records, mostly known for classic late 70's/early 80's post-punk & proto-industrial releases, takes here a walk on the underground-art-jazz side of the area, presenting, in this mini compilation, sounds from avant obscurities as LONGSHOREMEN, CLUB FOOT ORCHESTRA, NAKED CITY, BAY OF PIGS, ALTERBOYS...

Listen to CLUB FOOT compilation


Anonymous said...

many thanks for the rip - good work


Fred G. Sanford said...

very nice !!!

great label.


Anonymous said...

Is it Richard Edson on the photo?

LaFolieDuJour said...

The drummer R. EDSON who were among the makers of this compilation. Played with Alterboys, Konk, Liquid Liquid and others and became an actor ("Stranger Than Paradise", "Do The Right Thing" etc.)

Anonymous said...

thank you.

I didn t know he was a musician too.

Nice casting of actors/musicians in stranger than paradise:
Edson, Lurie, Balint !!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you SO much for the rip.
I had this LP in high school, and it saved me from small town blandness and boredom.
I still have it!
(but no record player)

Steve / Subterranean Records said...

Thanks for helping to keep this album alive. Folks might be interested to know that we're doing a limited red vinyl pressing (450 copies) to coincide with a Feb. 11 2010 show at Cafe du Nord in SF. Some version of all the bands will perform, along with some surprises that we're still working out.