Mar 10, 2009

TWO DAUGHTERS "S/T" (1980) & "Kiss The Cloth / Gloria" (1981)

TWO DAUGHTERS was an enigmatic early 80's outfit of someone Nicky Rogers & other uncredited musicians. They had two cassette releases, "Two Daughters" (1980), "Kiss The Cloth / Gloria" (1981)... and a contribution to Cherry Red experimental compilation "Perspectives and Distortion" (1981).
Their music, a strange transcendental trip through archaic ceremonial chants, repetitive forms, hypnotic paths, electronic melancholy and industrial ambience, explores streams of subconscious and reflects a strong dark nostalgia for the unknown, the past, the unexplained.
Quite pioneering for its time and not worse at all than other, very popular stuff of the overestimated United Dairies label.

Two Daughters -"Same Titled", (cassette, 1980)
1.Ladder of Souls / 2.Return call / 3. We are / 4.Sad Horizons / 5.So i / 6.Return Call / 7.Drums / 8.Air / 9.Aaaaaar

Two Daughters -1. Kiss the Cloth (3parts) / 2. Gloria (5 parts), (cassette, 1981)

Sad Horizon


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C B said...

I'd love to hear 'kiss the cloth'. Will there be a link?

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too bad that noone seems to share this record ... :-/

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Laars said...

I would love to have the two albums, especially the self titled one "two daughters."
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