Mar 24, 2009

THE JAZZ PASSENGERS "Live at Knitting Factory" (1991) / "In Love" (1994)

(1991, Knitting Factory Works)
(10 tracks, 70 min)

The avant-jazz sextet of Roy Nathanson (saxes) & Curtis Fowlkes (trombone) in live action at the legendary Knitting Factory club in Jan 1991. Jazz Passengers blend jazz and non-jazz elements in a free, witty and humourous way.

JAZZ PASSENGERS: Curtis Fowlkes (voice, trombone), Roy Nathanson (soprano, alto, tenor saxes), Jim Nolet (violin), Bill Ware (vibraphone), Brad Jones (bass), E.J. Rodriguez (drums , percussion)

plus: Marcus Rojas (tuba), David Fiuczinski (guitar), Dougie Browne (drums), Yuka Honda (samples)

In Love
(1994, Windham Hill/High Street Rec)

The first major label album and also the first "vocal-added" work of the band. Includes singers from various genres (soul, jazz, world, rock), Jeff Buckley, Freddy Johnston, Deborah Harry, Mavis Staples, Jimmy Scott, Bob Dorough and others. Due to songform approaching, some more loungeness creeps in, but JP`s view is still ironic and, at parts, amusingly lunatic. I have chosen for listening the track: "syncretism". What this word implies is what JAZZ PASSENGERS do quite successfully.

Jazz Passengers - Syncretism

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