Mar 9, 2009

AUTUMNFAIR "Glaciers and Gods" (US, 1991)

an Independent Project Records release

Six-track release from late 80's recordings of Savage Republic's bassist/guitarist THOM FUHRMANN and bassist VAL HALLER (Flying Lizards, Electric Chairs, etc) with additional percussions from Biff Sanders (Fourwaycross) and Jeremy Goff. The band existed the period 1986-89 with various members, participating (along with Marnie, Dark Arts and Soul Brothers), to the Nate Starkman & son compilation "The October Country"(1987). Using some old Savage Republic tricks, being pompous at times, and spoiled by some 4AD-like stylistic atmosphere, GLACIERS AND GODS is, in my opinion, a not so much interesting work. Nevertheless, "Arterial", one of the best tracks, is here:


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Ugly Universe said...

interesting file mou kai parainteresting! gamaei vasika..