Mar 21, 2009

SIMON FISHER TURNER "The Garden" (UK, 1991)

Here it is the soundtrack for Derek Jarman`s debatably interesting movie "The Garden". 31 tracks are credited, the music though, is divided into only nine. Simon Fisher Turner feels the cinematic potentiality of a wide palette of sound combinations and moves from one to the other cleverly. The best though for me comes, when i just read the micro-poetry of some titles:
"Clock Faced Flower Beds", "Altars Of Peace", "Fill The Silence With False Notes", "My Melancholy Stones", "Rushing Forgotten Secrets", "Impatient Youth Of The Sun"....

(9 tracks, 64min)

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djbethell said...

Much appreciated. I love my vinyl copy but sadly the record player died a 100 years ago. It'll be great to finally hear this again after at least 10 years, Cheers D x