Mar 30, 2009


An introduction to dark synth-pop and cold ambient soundscapes of French-Jew electronic composer BERNARD SZAJNER (born 1944), also designer and player of the "laser harp".

Szajner`s strange, sometimes sonically violent, and not easily full revealed world combines several elements from minimal composers, 70`s electronic prog, Serge Gainsbourg, 80`s cold-wave inclinations....while much of its dark colour derives from the sad palette of his race genocide experience.
As a pioneering musician, Szajner has known both critical acclaim and commercial acknowledgement, but since his mid-80's moving away from music (towards other artistic activities), his work became gradually obscured. He has created though some new works just recently.

01. Ritual (from "Some Deaths Take Forever", LP, 1980)
02. Execute (from "Some Deaths Take Forever", LP, 1980)
03. The Memory (from "Some Deaths Take Forever", LP, 1980)
04. Superficial music 3 (from "Superficial Music", LP, 1981)
05. Without leaving (feat. H. Devoto) (from "Brute Reason", LP, 1983)
06. Saracen Cards (from "Brute Reason", LP, 1983)
07. The Snark (from "Brute Reason", LP, 1983)
08. The Big Scare (from "The Big Scare, EP, 1984)
09. Indecision (from "The Big Scare, EP, 1984)
10. Flash Forward ** (from "Indecent Delit", EP, 1986)

** written by Serge Gainsbourg

Bernard Szanjer
(approx time 45 min)
compiled by La Folie Du Jour

playing the laser harp


Anonymous said...

visions of dune is an electronic masterpiece

Anonymous said...


could you post Szajner`s album "Brute Reason"?

It`s impossible to find it in blogosphere.


[uzine] said...

Szajner has just unearthed some fantastic previously unreleased material from 1983 via his Bandcamp page