Feb 4, 2009

REPORTAZ "Up The River" (POL, 1988)

Poznan`s REPORTAZ is one of the most historical and best art-jazz-improv and R.I.O. influenced bands of eastern Europe. Active since 1982, they went through many line up changes around mainman ANDRZEJ KARPINSKI.
UP THE RIVER recorded in 1988 and appeared originally on extremely limited cassette edition. ReR Megacorp released it later on vinyl. It comprises two long with plethora of diverse ideas tracks, ranging from complex composing to free improvisation. Very strong stuff.


part 1 (21 min)
part 2 (22 min)

ARNOLD DABROWSKI - piano, vocals, crank lyre, synth
PAWEL PALUCH - bassoon, xylophone, b.vocals
ANDRZEJ CAPRINSKI - percussion, speak, objects

(file contains extra REPORTAZ tracks from Re Records Quarterly vol.1, 1985)


Anonymous said...

thank you!!!
Great post!!!!

Anonymous said...

do you have another k7 "Reportaz - W Oczekiwaniu Na To Samo" ??

gidouille said...

I thought that I had the Polish press of this album, but I guess it's a completely different recording, as it's from the previous year, has a different cover, more tracks and an additional musician. I'll have to check this out.

Patrick said...

Thanks for sharing.

Love this experimental stuff.