Feb 7, 2009


AD HOC Records founded in 2004 as a U.S. based ReR Megacorp sublabel. Their catalog includes experimental music from important R.I.O. related artists, avant folk, etc. Many of their releases are reissues of rare and forgotten 80`s material. The entire back catalog of MCCB Records (Mass Culture Control Bureau) - the dutch label Geoff Leigh (Henry Cow) formed in 1978 - has been also issued by AD HOC. Our file contains some samples of these reissues.

AD HOC Records sampler
(12 tracks, approx time 45 min)

RED BALUNE: animus / trees & tanks
(from "Maximum Penalty", 1979)
HET: music for the hanging of a minister / the unmoved mover
(from "Let's Het", 1984)
GEOFF LEIGH: starshooters / chemical bank
(from "Chemical Bank", 1979)
(from "Animal Sounds vol.1", 1982)
BLITZOIDS: middle of nowhere / no time
(from "Stealing From Helpless Children", 1987)
THE WORK: commerce & despair / abdomen / trauma
(from "Rubber Cage", 1989)

compiled by LFDJ

Update! Geoff Leigh himself shares some things from the past!
V.A. "Things From The Past" (MCCB compilation)
X BLACK SHEEP "Out Of Quarantine"

now available for free high quality download at: http://geoffleigh.bandcamp.com/


~Aliens@C~ said...

nice one guys!

you'd probably be interested in this new label as well - they've put out some great stuff, all unreleased on cd, all mastered from analogue tape. hopefully they're releasing some of my archive recordings later this year -->>


also -->>


they've released 2 cd's, (originally only available on vinyl) I played on - "Mouseproof" by Gerry Fitzgerald, & "Me" by Mary-Anne Paterson (I'm credited as "an unknown busker" on the cd, but they also did a vinyl & put my name on it, after I told them who the other musicians were!)



Anonymous said...

Hi Geoff,
we will check out those releases.
Feel graceful for your valuable help.

Aliens@C said...

the mccb compilation cd "things from the past" now available as a free high quality download here >>


also available "out of quarantine" by X Black Sheep & more to follow

good listening!

Geoff Leigh

paramo said...

thanks once again Geoff.
We stay tuned!