Feb 19, 2009

EN PLO: "En Plo" (GRE, 1989)

Can ghosts be alive?

En Plo was a group for which ghostly behavior was a (in my opinion partly inevitable, due mainly to their attitude, but also due to the epoch’s general mood) choice. In spite the good criticisms by the media, and in spite their work’s acceptance by the public, they didn’t bothered publishing more, or investing to live performances; instead, it is as if their general attitude was driven by (and targeting to) self-destruction.

They appeared in the late 80’s greek rock scene without wanting to achieve what they could (or better deserved) to have accomplice. Just one LP published in a 1000 copies ( plus one 7’’ single published with fanzine “Στις Σκιές του Β' 23” [In The Shadows of B’ 23] ) and some songs contained in Ntino’s Sadikis (En Plo vocals) personal LP “Μολυβένιες Ιστορίες” [Leaden Stories] were enough to make this group a point of reference for the greek rock scene.

Rock sounds combined with native folk music, at a time that these music was, in the perception of many (in this country and for reasons that it is not in my intention to explain now - an interesting matter that may be an other post - ), almost repulsive, is at least a daring action. All though En Plo didn’t ever achieve to have the effect that other groups in greek rock scene managed to have, they at least achieved to combine things that by many are perceived (at their time, but mostly now) as precious; urban myths in a freshly developed urban environment, the presence of electric sounds along with the echoes of old-fashioned folk tradition, poetical experiments and connection with the subculture and, finally, and above all, the ability to balance between these things in a harmoniums way.

Life in the spectrum of meta-punk, heavy influences of traditional folk music (rebetika), the use of native (greek) lyrics and a mood harmonizing with the general pessimist (or better claustrophobic) attitude of the 80’s are the elements that characterize their music; maybe typical up to a point yet (in their way) originally prototype, and, to many of us, almost magical.

Returning to my initial question, I would dare to respond in this way: sometimes ghosts, even rotting in their forgotten tombs, can definitely be alive.

Founding members of En Plo were Dinos Sadikis [vocals] and
Dimos Zamanos [guitars, vocals].

(Dimos has left this world deliberately some years ago).

Addiitonaly the group was joined by;

Kostas Kalogirou [drums]
Christos Politis [drums] (1985 - 1987)
Dimitris Kafousias [bass] (1985 - 1987)
Stratos Alimonos [keys] (1987)

Here are the photos from the LP:

Sail with En Plo (65,8 MB)

Additionally, extras contained in a 12' inch published by the group (three songs):

Get it here (18,2 Mb)

Listen also to "En Plo" in these instances:

4.21 in an FM Records compilation "Act Up - ... Εν Τούτω Νίκα"

And my favorite:

An adaptation of a greek folk song:

Antilaloun dyo fylakes

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Anonymous said...

hi. your post is great but why did you destroy the inserts with your label?
billy, greece

Anonymous said...

"They appeared in the late 80’s greek rock scene without wanting to achieve what they could (or better deserved) to have accomplice."

Να "επιτύχουν" τι και που; Μια δισκάρα παραμένει δισκάρα είτε την ακούσουν χίλια είτε εκατό χιλιάδες άτομα. Νομίζω αυτό που ήθελαν να πετύχουν το πέτυχαν και με το παραπάνω.

high fidelity said...

This great lp has been re-released just two days ago on vinyl with a bonus single.