Feb 22, 2009


RAINIER LERICOLAIS " re TG " (ink & water, 2004)

RAINIER LERICOLAIS is a composer and visual artist from Paris. As a musician he has released several works and has contributed to many collaborative projects. One of his most notable collaborations is with Simon Fisher Turner ("Lana Lara Lata" album). He has also composed music for films and other visual events.
LERICOLAIS compositions are characterized by a personal way in selecting and combining sounds, ideas, forms from many territories ranging from glitch electronica, acoustic, modern classical, noise, field recordings, vocal exploration, even pop culture. The innovative and unexpected sound qualities of his music draw the "lost and found" of things, the "revealed and obscured" of a fragmented and multi-layered reality where the human presence is in fluid distances between the familiar and the strange and where some kind of mystery seems to derive from the silent corners of daily life.

Selected music works:
"Copie"(cd, 2006),
"My Song Exaggerated To Dilate Horizontally"(cd, 2007),
"No Image" (with Simon Fisher Turner, recorded 2005-07)

Rainier's artwork for the magnificent " Myths" compilation

Visit RAINIER at my space: http://www.myspace.com/lericolaisrainer

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Anonymous said...

Hi, very interesting blog... I have a request: any chance you have the "Carnival of Lost Souls" CD by Dark Arts, released by Nate Starkman & Son? I'd appreciate if you could upload it. Thanks,

paramo said...

you can find a Dark Arts EP at blogosphere.

Anonymous said...

guys, just stumbled upon this blog few days ago and i'm so much in love with your musical taste... this place is a blessing! thank you. i mean it, thanks a lot.


armeur H said...

I will post some Rainier's work on my blog.
You're be welcome !