Feb 16, 2009

Not a single day...

NORMIL HAWAIANS - Still Obedient /  Should you forget?
( 7'', Illuminated Rec, 1

the art of postpunk-diy-experimental-alternative culture at one of its apogees!

WORLD SERVICE - Celebration Town / Turn out the lights
(7'', Rough Trade, 1983)

WORLD SERVICE and THE RELATIVES were the two STEVE LAKE's outfits acted for a short time after ZOUNDS disbandment. THE RELATIVES made an LP called "Jim Morrison", while STEVE continued with some solo works.

JESUS COULDN'T DRUM - Autumn Leaves / Evening In July / Rain
(7'', Lost Moment Rec, 1985)

Homemade funny/melancholic synth-new wave by duo of pop humourists influenced by the "kindergarden" aeshtetics of Cordelia Records, Alan Jenkins, and the likes.
Also released as a 12'' EP with two bonus tracks.


Sotiris said...

Οταν μετά απο 20+ χρόνια κατάφερα να ξαναβρω το "More wealth than money" - εστω και σε ψηφιακή μορφή, τους είχα τρελλάνει όλους. Δεν ήξερε κανείς για ποιο λόγο ήμουν τόσο χαρούμενος..
Και αυτά τα σινγκλακια.. Σαν διαμάντια απο καραμέλα
Μου δώσατε ιδέα για μεσοβδόμαδη ανάρτηση συγκινήσεων!(Αν και είχα προβληματιστεί και με τον Μ. Μπειτς - Eyeless in Gaza: αδυναμία εκ του παρελθόντος)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for these treasures
Do you have by chance the vinyl version of bands on object music label. Grow-Up ,Noyes Brothers and Steve Miro?

Many thanks

Mariano from argentina

Anonymous said...

Dear Mariano,
all these three bands' works have been posted at other blogs.
Just put these names in a blogsearch engine...
In case you cannot find them, contact us thru e-mail.

Anonymous said...

It's so great to discover osbscure forgotten old bands like that, to listen to them and find out it's a little gem.
Thanks a lot, especially for Normil Hawaian