Jan 19, 2009

WONDEUR BRASS " Ravir" (CAN, 1985)

WONDEUR BRASS is the Canadian outfit that gave birth to LES POULES, a project known to our readers from the wonderful album "LES CONTES DE L`AMERE LOI" we posted some months ago.
The girls here are six (!), there are more wind instruments (saxophones, trombone) but the musical attitude remains more or less the same.
Free or theatrical improvisations, experimental new wave, humour, memories from retrojazz and french folk, innovative ideas and imaginative use of instruments show the subversive spirit under the influence of which these ladies make uncompromised music.
Until the end... when all those mellow moments that were crossing fragmentally the body of "RAVIR", release fully their emotional power through the sounds of "trois baleines blanches sur chinoise mer".

DANIELLE ROGER drums, voice, electronic drums, percussions
JOANE HETU alto sax, voice
DIANE LABROSSE synth, voice
GINETTE BERGERON tenor & baritone sax, voice
JUDITH GRUBER-STITZER bass, guitar, violin, voice

(engineered by the great RENNE LUSSIER)

RAVIR (49mb)


Anonymous said...

I don't I ever listened to this one. Thanks. Any Conventum, possibly?

Anonymous said...

From your description, this could be something I like, reminds me a bit of Billy Tipton Memorial Saxophone Quartet + Les Reines Prochaines, but obviously just because this is a female-only project (always too rare in improvised music).

Merci for this!

Anonymous said...

Thank you continuo and Lucky for commenting for this really great work.
LES POULES 'Prairie Orange' and
WONDEUR BRASS 'Simoneda, reine des esclaves'
is some other interesting material (though not as good) from these lovely Canadians.
Wondeur Brass (with changed line up) renamed in 90`s as JUSTINE.

Pinta, Nina & Santa Maria, the three white whales salute you...

Anonymous said...

Wonderful record. Thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

nice to see this old favourite again! thank you...

Anonymous said...

Do you know the french female group PIED DE POULE ? For me it's far superior to "Les Poules" …

A review here:

It has nothing to do with an other canadian group, which has the same name, and is very famous in Canada.

I wonder if people know about that gem… They made 3 great records.