Jan 19, 2009

SMOKE "Another reason to fast" (US, 1995)

SMOKE was a band from Atlanta. Their very artistic (cornet, cello, banjo) dive into south-country-blues traditions and the rock`n`roll mythology of "loss and despair" was so personal and genuine... that i guess, one may not mind at all if the painful, nocturnal storytelling of BENJAMIN reminds sometimes TOM WAITS and NICK CAVE so much.
"ANOTHER REASON TO FAST" was their second album released one year after their debut "HEAVEN ON A POPSICLE STICK".
Line up: BENJAMIN-singing, BRIAN HALLORAN-cello, BILL TAFT-cornet & banjo, TIM CAMPION -drums, COLEMAN LEWIS-guitar.


Anonymous said...

This album is reminding me on Crime & City Solution ...very interesting album, thanx for all this AWESOME music you share with us!
Vicko ,Serbia

Anonymous said...

I don't speak/write english currently. (i'm dictionary in hands)
Just few words and like thanks for
your excellent blog and musics.
I loved this album and don't know this band.
Abra├žos do Brasil.

paramo said...

thanks for your good words, Lorivaldo. Language is no problem for your kindness.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this great album !