Jan 7, 2009

PATRIK FITZGERALD "Treasures from the wax museum" (UK, 1993)

This 1993 RED FLAME compilation collects recordings from his 80`s less acclaimed, commercially unsuccessful, unknown and more difficult to find today works. Tracks though like "smile", "drifting towards violence", "domestication", "working hu-mans casino", "my perfect world" (from DRIFTING TOWARDS VIOLENCE)... or other magnificent songs like "volcano" show clearly (and sadly) how unfair the world is with PATRIK FITZGERALD.


Anonymous said...

happy new year to everyone in this lovely/lively place!

here is my gift for the new year:
Momus brand new album with 16 fresh tracks (~224 kbps, not mine)

Momus - Joemus (11/11/2008)

more info/review:
and the lyrics of course:

iraklis :)

Anonymous said...

semi-god Iraklis presents the latest deeds of god (or ex-god?) Momus.
Thanks Iraklis and ...nks ..mus

Sotiris said...

I missed that! Probably the most mature work from PF.. Each song is a sweet bite, a blind picture, a invisible tear, a silent scream...