Jan 27, 2009

MICHEL PORTAL "Musiques de Cinemas" (FRA, 1995)

Michel Portal revisits themes he scored for several movies, approaching them with jazz feeling and leaving cleverly ground for eclectic contributions and creative encounters: afro-french jazz blends, fusions, improvisations, tangos... sounds that seem to know the deeper relation between the motion pictures and the seducible imagination. And round this knowledge they are unfolded emotionally.

Michel Portal, who played clarinets and saxophones, assisted here by great musicians like Ralph Towner (guitar), Paolo Fresu (trumpet), Juan Jose Mosalini (bandoneon), Richard Galliano (accordion), Nguyen Le (synth, guitar), N`Diaye Rose Doudou (percussion, tambourine) and others.
This compilation released in 1995 from LABEL BLEU.


Anonymous said...

any chance to re-up?

Anonymous said...

paramo - seem like mediafire don't want to give this away. just yesterday i read an interview of michel portal with karl lippegaus, where he spoke about his intense film music work, and the fact, that many thought he gave up jazz / improvised music in favor of classic or soundtracks.

paramo said...

here, Lucky, you find a nice combination of both

Anonymous said...

thx, para - now mf works, at last! ;)

Godfather said...

Thanks Man Nice Selections
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