Jan 28, 2009

JUAN JOSE MOSALINI " Che Bandoneon " (1992)

Listening to the magnificent "Docteur petiot" - J. J. Mosalini`s contribution in Michel Portal`s "Musiques de Cinemas"- many of you, i guess, may start searching about this great argentinian tango "auteur".

His official site is at:

...and one of his finest works, "CHE BANDONEON" (Label Bleu) is here:

(11 tracks, approx. time 52min)

Tracks are written by several composers as COBIAN, DELFINO, BINELLI, TEL, MEDEROS, PIAZZOLA, FEDERICO, PANE, TROILO and of course by MOSALINI.

Played by JUAN JOSE MOSALINI (bandoneon) & ANTONIO AGRI (violin)


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sorry to bother you again... had to say muchas gracias for this, tres bien!

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