Dec 15, 2008

THE CHUD " Mirage" (GER, 1989)

MIRAGE is the second LP of THE CHUD. Equally good if not even better than its predecessor "SILHOUETTES OF SOUND" (also posted at our blog). It includes garage anthems like 'November Rain'... but all the nine tracks are really magnificent. Reissued with 5 bonus tracks which you won`t find at this post.


Anonymous said...

Thanks!!!! Good Music!!!
Found for myself a lot of new things.

But why most of your music on such
terrible filesharing sites like Sharebee?
4 in 1 - but all the four is bad.
There are a lot of good sites without all this premium shit.

Sorry for my english.

Anonymous said...

What filesharing site do you suggest us to use?

Anonymous said...

Any that is free and with resumable downloading. It's the main problem with low speed internet. I have 128-256kbit/s so, when downloading interrupts i need to do it again..and again...and agian.

Mediafire is not bad, (aka and some others, i don't remeber exactly, but i can search if you want.

zShare the only one from sharebee looks not bad - but i can't download from it completely. I don't know what is it.I wait for download ticket, than on direct link but it returns me back to main page. Is it only my problem?

Anonymous said...

zSHARE is looping,
MEDIAFIRE, we already use it
we ll try the other ones also.
thanks for infos.

Anonymous said...

New Posts On MediaFire? Thanks a lot. I also have done something...
here ..looks good...something like sharebee but it uploads on 8 sites

by the way...have you heard about band Clair Obscur (not Metal Band with similiar name) i have 3 albums
1.A Collection of Isolated Tracks .1982-1988
if there is something will be great

Anonymous said...

thanks for the list of filesharing sites.
UPLOADJOCKEY has deleted files we stored there, but i think we`ll use some of the others directly...

Having not followed CLAIR OBSCUR`s output in 90`s and beyond, we recommend for listening the 1988 LP "IN OUT". We can send it(through e-mail), or post it.
greeting LFDJ

Anonymous said...

Post will be better than email, cause it will be for everyone, not only for me.ea
Thanks a lot.