Dec 31, 2008


Susan Sleepwalking

Σχετικά απόμεροι, παρά τις επανεκδόσεις της Projekt, οι εύθραυστοι τούτοι λυρικοί ποπ ονειρότοποι εκτείνονται από την απέριτη νεοκυματική μελαγχολία ως τις παρυφές της αιθέριας/γοτθικής σκοτεινιάς... Εκεί βεβαίως που αργά ή γρήγορα... οι υπνοβασίες (Sleepwalking) μετατρέπονται σε ολισθήματα (slipwalking)...

love power & justice

Introductory material selected (by LFDJ) from the first 2 LPs and early singles of this not much known (despite the reissues of label Projekt ) lyrical synthpop\darkwave Illinois band formed in 1983 by Steve Jones (later on AREA) and Mel Eberle.

Susan Sleepwalking 1985, Office records
Love, Power & Justice 1986, Office Records
Promise 1988, C`Est La Morte Records

01.holy dance (Holy Dance, 7``)
02.whitefrairs (Holy Dance, 7``)
03.angel of odd (Burying the Carnival, 12``EP)
04.with Louise (Susan Sleepwalking LP)
05.Susan slept here (Susan Sleepwalking LP) days from now (Susan Sleepwalking LP)
07.holywood (love power justice LP) city fun (love power justice LP) year in Jerusalem (love power justice LP)
10.summer dress (love power justice LP)
11.believe me (love power justice LP)
12.your evening at home (love power justice LP)
13.our town (love power justice LP)

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here is
The Arms of Someone New - Promise (1989)

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