Dec 10, 2008

THE DECORATORS "Twilight View " (1980) + "Rebel Songs" (1983) , (UK)

Twilight View, 7``, 1980

Rebel Songs, 1983

DECORATORS classic first single, "TWILIGHT VIEWS", released from the legendary Buzzcock`s label NEW HORMONES. Band`s sound hadn`t a lot to do with DIY style of New Hormones and THE DECORATORS soon signed with other labels. Quite influenced by THE ONLY ONES , THE DECORATORS could have a longer and more successful indie career but finally disbanded in 1984 leaving behind the album "TABLETS" and the final mini LP "REBEL SONGS" both in Red Flame label.

Listen to "Twilight View" single and "Rebel Songs" mini LP,
HERE (35mb)


Michael said...

thanks for twilight view
any chance you have
the decorators "tablets"


Anonymous said...

for "tablets" see Feb 2009 posts.

Anonymous said...

Waited a long time to find this

Anonymous said...

Brilliant discovery. I love the Decorators but never heard of the Twilight View single!

Unknown said...

I hate to ask you to re-re-post, but the link for 'Tablets' is again not available…when you have a chance, can you please make this wonderful album available again? thanks!