Dec 18, 2008

ERIC RANDOM: works 1979 - 1984

Associated with BUZZCOCKS, CABARET VOLTAIRE, NICO... and moved gradually from post-punk/DIY to advanced explorations, Mancunian multi-instrumentalist ERIC RANDOM (ERIC RAMSDEN) developed very interesting industrial-electronic soundscapes, rich in abstract, jazz, dub and eastern music ideas approached with a "free" attitude.
First half of 80`s was his most creative period. During that time he made with THE TILLER BOYS the kraut/post-punk influenced EP "Big Noise From The Jungle" , played with Cabaret Voltaire (as PRESSURE COMPANY) and released works with the BEDLAMITES.
In 2005 LTM Publishing released the 2CD compilation "SUBLIMINAL 1980-82" comprised singles, extras and the LP "Earthbound Ghost Need".

Selected works :
THE TILLER BOYS "Big Noise from the Jungle" (EP, 1979, New Hormones)
ERIC RANDOM "That`s what i like about me" (12``, 1980, New Hormones)ERIC RANDOM "23 Skidoo/Subliminal" (7``, 1981, Les Disques du Crepuscule) ERIC RANDOM "Dow Chemical Co/Skin deep" (7``, 1981, New Hormones)
NDOM MEETS THE BEDLAMITES "Earthbound Ghost Need" (1982, New Hormones) ERIC RANDOM & THE BEDLAMITES "Time Splice" (1984, Doublevision)

Time splice (46mb)


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