Dec 24, 2008

CICALA MVTA "CHING DONG, The Return of Japanese Street Music" (JAP, 1998)

streets of global parading

Avant - improv - folk - punk - prog - jazz - new orleans - klezmer - gipsy - balkan - east asian.... you need a train of words to describe.... music that starts from japanese street performances (chindon) and goes globally... madly.
The sound of CICALA MVTA is developed around the mainman/composer WATARU OHKUMA`s distinctive clarinet improvisations, by an unsual line up of musicians playing the tuba, percussions, fiddle, cello, electric guitar... The compositions are complexed, rich in multicultural references, with many unexpected turns and changes; the "street" feeling though, (lyrical, dramatic, bufooning ) is always present...
"CHING DONG..." is the german version of the first self-titled CICALA MVTA album.
Moniker CICALA MVTA honours the memory of the great, early 20th century japanese streetmusic singer, Soeda Azembo, the "mute cicada".


Anonymous said...

merci for this! read a concert review about them years ago, and it's still lively in my mind - even though i've never seen or heard them.

the (german) title alone really sounds mouthwatering.


archer said...

insanely wonderful! most musical fun i've had in a while.

much gratitude.