Dec 1, 2008

SUB ROSA: " The Myths"

created & provided by RAINIER

Active since mid-eighties, belgian label SUB ROSA, offers one of the most expanded and advanced views on the art of 20th and 21st century. Though they specialize in experimental, world, electronic, avant garde music, in their huge and extremely interesting catalogue you can find also the most unexpected releases: aural documents (from artists, writers and important 20th century personalities), early electronics, recordings from authentic ethnic sources, indepen dent modern composition ("unclassical"), and so many other surprises...

The introductory SUB ROSA collection escorts this post is based mostly on material compiled from SUB ROSA`s "MYTHS" series and provided by our good friend RAINIER.

Discover more for SUB ROSA at:

THE MYTHS compilation (170mb) link updated April 2013


Anonymous said...

this is more than good... it's perfect!
big thanks!


W. said...

Wow! A ot of really interesting and diverse tracks, an aural feast. Highly recommended.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very,very much!!!

Anonymous said...

It has disappeared !!!!!!!

paramo said...

a new link is on