Dec 4, 2008

SANDRA BELL: Relentless Visions

Sandra Bell
`s poetic, sensitive and angry female approach to life and reality refreshed and finally expanded the 90`s post folk art beyond separations among experimentation, noise and lyricism. Highly recommended to explorers of NZ undeground, fans of A. Galbraith, Jefferies bros, Xpressway label, etc.
After a long discographic absence SANDRA BELL released this year her fourth LP, extracts of which you find at my space.

An introductory compilation to Sandra Bell

01.manai (Dreams of Falling)
02.floating aground (Dreams of Falling)
03.the country girls (Dreams of Falling)
04.seas of the moon (Shrew`d, flying nun compilation)
05.with the rain (chord, 2x7``, 1993)
06.underground (Net)
07.caitlan (Net)
08.walking (Net)
09.7 day descent (City of Sorrows)
10.below normal zero (City of Sorrows)
11.eternal fire (City of Sorrows)
12.come to me (City of Sorrows)

compiled by LFDJ

"Dreams of Falling", Xpressway, 1992
"Net", IMD, 1994
"City of Sorrows", VHF, 1999
"White Nights", Powertool, 2008

First three LPs available from her site:

Chord, 2x7``, 1993

from "Net" artwork


M. said...

Thanks for the intro! And in general for helping continue a kiwi journey begun at doldrums blog. ALso, nice songwriter section...

Stathis said...


can you please repost this compilation?

Thank you very much

Best Regards
Efstathiou Stathis

paramo said...

new links for Sandra Bell, Tiny Town, Home & Garden are now on!