Nov 21, 2010

Producing The Future: Adrian Sherwood & his On-U Sound label

 Adrian Sherwood

 On-U artists circa 1993 [photo from skysaw site]

 Adrian Sherwood's On-U Sound is one of the most influential labels in the field where the mixing and producing technologies meet music. Sherwood's productions, marked by the heavy use of dub techniques (echo sounding, samples, effects) have created since 1981 (and especially for the first 10-15 years) a unique space of pioneering flavours backgrounded in post-punk, reggae, industrial, funk, dance, spoken word, experimental music. The huge influence of On-U can be detected in many music scenes and movements in previous decades, even in contemporary genres ranging from ambient, hip hop, house and dubstep to electronic jazz and world music.

Joining the celebration for the 30th Anniversary of On-U Sound label (1981-2011), LaFolieDuJour selects essential On-U productions:

01 African Head Charge Free chant (1990)
02 Noah House Of Dread Wicked Kingdom (1982)
03 New Age Steppers Animal space (1981)
04 Judy Nylon Room without a view (1982)
05 Mothmen factory/teapoint/factory (1981)
06 Revolutionary Dub Warriors creation (1996)
07 Annie Anxiety sad shadows (1984, corpus christi)
08 African Head Charge healing father (1990)
09 London Underground Animosity (1983)
10 Headley Bennett little dove (1982)
11 Dub Syndicate haunting ground (1986)
12 2 Badcard rock to sleep (1995)
13 Little Annie le manger hereux (1994)
14 Bim Sherman can i be free from crying (1996)
15 Singers and Players revolution (1982)
16 Creation Rebel space movement section 2 (orig.1980, 1981 on-u)

On-U Sound

compiled by semilunio + paramo


kool thinks said...

Δυστυχώς δεν λειτουργεί το link.
Καλή εβδομάδα κιόλας:)

paramo said...

Νεο link θα προστεθει συντομα!!

jonder said...

This is a great mix! I have enjoyed listening to it. You might also like this recent mix that Adrian Sherwood did of new and old On-U Sounds:

Alexandre Napoli said...

No Almamegretta?? What the hell...