Nov 11, 2009


Selections from the limited, mail-order only album "DEBRIS" (Normal / Return To Sender, 1995) accompanied with some tracks from his other releases.
"SLEEPING STAR" (1994) was EPIC's second solo album and ""CHANGE MY LIFE " (1996) his last. "GOOD THINGS" (2005) and the compilation "EVERYTHING IS TEMPORARY" (1999) are posthumous releases. Listen also to "RISE ABOVE" album here.

01 Stealaway [Change My Life]
02 Sleepy City [Change My Life]
03 Something's Wrong [Change My Life]
04 Cry A Tear [Good Things]
05 Sunny Day [Debris]
06 Carolans [Everything Is Temporary]
07 Stack-O-Tracks [Debris]
08 Night Time [Everything Is Temporary]
09 I Got To Be Free [Good Things]
10 Hole Of A Heart [Everything Is Temporary]
11 The Persuader [Debris]
12 Lot To Learn [Good Things]
13 Waiting For The Train Again (group version) [Debris]
14 A Three Acre Floor [Debris]
15 Wild & Smiling (mystery session) [Debris]
16 Tonight's The Night (R'N'R Lullaby) [Sleeping Star]

compiled by LaFolieDuJour


Anonymous said...

cheers for this,really looking fwd to hearing it.cheers.x

astroblogy said...

Awesome. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Could you please put a link on the "change my life" album ?

marta said...

cool! thanks

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