Nov 19, 2009

MAGGIE NICOLS & PETER NU "Nicols 'N' Nu" (UK, 1985)

MAGGIE NICOLS - words, voice
PETER NU - piano

Avant vocalist Maggie Nicols and not so much known improv figure, Peter Nu unfold here a bare and incredibly daring piano-voice exploration, a free-music adventure which, further than any sum of its elements, leads to the inner aspect of the work, revealing regions of the artistic act, usually neglected, sightless.

Recorded in London in 1985, released from Leo Records and reissued later on CD. Still available.


01. don't assume (21:40)
02. touching faces (2:50)
03. dynamite dream (3:45)
04. kids (9:40)
05. chad's blues (3:30)
06. after the storm (1:00)
07. i could write (1:30)
08. moments (8:15)
09. one note leads to another (17:40)



Anonymous said...

lo, great blog, but please put up a link for this record.
thanks awfully.

la folie du jour said...

rob, the album is still in print, so contact us at blog's email...

trust the muse said...

I came across this by accident. I've lost touch with Pete
but consider his one of the best albums I ever recorded. He's such a fantastic pianist.

I had to sign in to leavethis comment& I've got a bit lost with the identity options

trust the muse said...

I misspelt 'this' I put 'his' by mistake.
I'm not sure if I'll get here again but who knows I might even write more.

Thanks for putting 'Moments' up The words were inspired by dialectical materialism & an intense crush I had on our Polish interpreter when 'Voice' was in Poland in the early 'seventies.

I seem to have stumbled on a google blog site

paramo said...

trust the muse,
thanks for commenting... and we hope you 'll write here more about...

Sean Coughlan said...

I am listening to Nichols'n'Nu as I write this. Woderful stuff! Where is there more? and if not, why not?? Fondest etc SeanC

paramo said...

Dear Sean,
contact me through blog's email..