Nov 6, 2009

Caminos De Cataluña: Twenty years of label G3G (1989 - 2009)

RAEO (Mark Cunningham + Gat)



G3G (a.k.a. G33G) is a Barcelona based label, named after its three "G" founders (Gat, Guillem, Gloria). Active since 1989, it has been releasing, mainly, music from local Catalonian artists. The most interesting of G3G works offer idiosyncratic and experimental views of current forms combining, sometimes radically, art-rock, electronics, jazz, world, ambient, minimal...
Label's bigger name is PASCAL COMELADE. Here, though, you can also find late 70's , 80's spanish underground personalities as JUAN CREK and VICTOR NUBLA, (both members of the historic experimental band MACROMASSA), contemporary improvisators as JAKOB DRAMINSKY, eclectic crossings of Mediterranea with New York as RAEO, (collaboration between G3G founder GAT and no-wave man MARK CUNNINGHAM )... and many other worth discovering artists.
Quite collectable are the very limited, vinyl-only "Tarot" singles of the label, released the period 1989-1995.



a G3G sampler

01. ALIEN MAR - Selenita
("Alien Mar", 1996)
02. GRAN TEATRO AMARO - La nuova piuma
("La Vie En Rouge", 2002)
03. RAEO - Mambo maya
("Adios Jupiter", 1994)
04. RAEO - Kineshtesia
("Body Loops", 1999)
05. JAKOB DRAMINSKY - On a x-road to Bagdad
(v.a. "Ten Years After, una compilacion de G3G", 1999)
06. ORIOL PERUCHO - Las pelusas
("Insulto, Le Multaron Y Dejo De Comer", 1992)
07. PIERRE BASTIEN - Argel allegra
("Se Verla Al Reves", 2005)
08. MACROMASSA - El largo camino a las almedras
("Los Hechos Perez", 1992)
09. JUAN CREK & SERGIO OCA - Viento del sur
("Viento Del Este", 1996)
10. RAEO - Memorias del oasis
("Adios Jupiter", 1994)
11. PASCAL COMELADE - Patafisiskal polska
("Ragazzin' The Blues", 1991)
12. PASCAL COMELADE - Neo-realismo del'habanera
("Ragazzin' The Blues", 1991)
13. MINOX & LYDIA LUNCH - U turn
(v.a. "Ten Years After, una complilacion de G3G", 1999)
14. MACROMASSA - Alas plegables
("Los Hechos Perez", 1992)
15. PIERRE BASTIEN - Roba sabor
("Se Verla Al Reves", 2005)

compiled by LaFolieDuJour

Download: G3G sampler (15tracks)

photos of artists are from experimentaclub


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Dr Faustroll said...

As I am a Comelade fan, I just say a big thank you for this post...
and I also like Victor Nubla, Jakob Draminsky and Macromassa...

PS: I'm looking for a vinyl rip of El Ermitaño, as I can't afford 90-100€ for the record... if possible...

And 1.000 Thanks for sharing!