Apr 7, 2009

THE DEADLY HUME "Passenger Blues", 7'', (AUS, 1986)

Formed circa 1985 in Sydney. Took their name from Hume Highway. Their first recordings -"Basement Tapes" - released on a (very rare now) 12'' called "Starving Whipped!".
"Passenger Blues", their debut 7'' release, comprises two very good songs in the great tradition of australian alternative blues.
They also made the LP "Me Grandma, Iliko & Hilarian" (i think you can find it in the web), the mini LP "Lonely Mr. Happy"(1988) and some more singles...

Passenger Blues / Bed As Big As A Boat

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geololo said...

Would love to hear that stuff... Could you please repost?

geololo said...

Thank you so much for the repost. Such great stuff!!