Apr 5, 2013

DATBLYGU "Hwgr-Grawth-Og", 7'' (UK, 1986)

Datblygu [datˈbləɡi  = develop] is considered one of the first and most emblematic welsh-spoken bands grown up in postpunk era - perhaps the most important.Vehicle of talented welsh musician and poet Dave R. Edwards, Datblygu were formed in Cardigan, Wales in 1982 with T. Wyn Davies in the initial line-up. The third core member, instrumentalist Patricia Morgan, joined in 1984, while Davies left in 1990.

Between 1982-1985 Datblygu released four cassettes. Their vinyl debut, the 4-track 7'' single "Hwgr-Grawth-Og" ( Anrhefn, 1986) attracted the attention of John Peel and was followed by several peel sessions  and three full albums, the last of which released in 1993.

Datblygu's music is influenced by post-punk, synth-pop, indie and experimental rock but the idiosyncratic songwriting of Dave Edwards coupled with the use of weird welsh language, gives it a unique character.
After a long inactive period Datblygu seem to show some action again. Recent works of theirs are two 7'' singles, released in 2008 and 2012.

Listen to "Hwgr-Grawth-Og"

Datblygu - dymuniadau da (from "Pyst", 1990)

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