Mar 3, 2013

RAEO "Words Are Worms", single, (1997)

RAEO is the collaboration of ex no-wave man Mark Cunningham (Mars, Don King, a.o..) with Catalan underground musician Gat, (also co-founder of G3G Records). The two late '70s - early '80s veterans formed this outfit in 1990 in search of new musical directions. The duo, based in Barcelona, spread its action thoughout 90's making two singles,  the cd albums "Adios Jupiter" (G3G, 1994) and  "Body Loops" (G3G/Amanita,  1999), giving also concerts and live audio-visual shows... Their 2-track 7'' single "Words Are Worms" was out on french label Amanita in 1997.

Raeo's explorations lie on a fusional jazz-post dance-ambient-world area, where each artist's prehistory is present, updated though and enriched with new references and perspectives. Basslines, electronic rhythms, prog guitars, samples, effects and (Cunningham's) brass create the diverse and yet cohesive soundscapes of  RAEO. A lyrical, abstract, structured and improvised invasion.