Jan 29, 2011

"Smarnamisa! Resia Valley Music" (1997)

Resia Valley is a very small municipality-region lying in North Italy near the borders with Slovenia and Austria. Resian people, who nowadays are numbered in about a thousand, have slavic origins and speak a very idiomatic slavic dialect ("rozajanski"), strongly influenced by archaic  lingual elements. Located between the two peninsulas (the balkan and the italian), but in fact isolated due to its surrounded by mountains alpine position, Resia has, in spite of its size, a rich folkloric history with unique customs and traditions.
"Smarnamisa!" compilation, an Avant Records release, is a rare document of traditional resian music created by fiddle ("citara"), cello ("bunkula"), "percussive'' feet, vocals, narrations etc.
Perhaps attractive mainly to ones with traditional folk tastes or ethno-musicological interests, but valuable and sympathetic as valuable and sympathetic a voice of an unseen dot of the world can be.
Smarnamisa! (feb 2013 updated)


Anonymous said...

thanks, paramo, also for the woma. tell me if you want any avant.

Anonymous said...

fyi: track #7 - "Trëjlala" is missing.

paramo said...

cheers, Lucky

Anonymous said...

Could you please reupload it?

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! :D