Feb 3, 2011


 Folk-acid-space rock stories from psychedelia's home in Nurnberg, Germany.

DISCOLOR thodol dub ("Discolor", 1997)
LINUS PAULING QUARTET sunn beta ("Killing You With Rock", 1998)
MOOSEHART FAITH STELLAR GROOVE... rah dureh ("Coronal Mass Ejection", 1997)
WOBBLE JAGGLE JIGGLE we are the human beings ("It Came From Nowhere", 1999)
BREATHE STONE candle, corpse, candle ("Hex Thistle", 2003)
FIT & LIMO born in the eleventh month ("Serpent Unrolled", 1998)
MOOSEHEART FAITH STELLAR GROOVE.. unconvectional F.O. ("Coronal Mass...")
LAMP OF THE UNIVERSE earth, spirit and sky ("Earth, Spirit and Sky", 2005)
FIT & LIMO september 13th ("A Garland Of Flowers", 2006)
DUNLAVY forsaken ("I Ruined America", 1996)
PRIMORDIAL UNDERMIND temporal landscape ("Yet More Wonders... ", 1994)
MOOSEHART FAITH STELLAR GROOVE... the hollow earth ("Hollow Earth", 1996)

ADRIAN SHAW & R. GOODWAY (may you) never be thirsty ("Oxygen Thief", 2009)
WOBBLE JAGGLE JIGGLE witch in my picture ("It Came From Nowhere", 1999)
TEMPLE OF L.I.B. in liquid worlds ("My Name Is Magic", 2010)

compiled by LaFolieDuJour

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SpiralArray said...

Hi just found your cool blog. Looks like I'll be enjoying some psych rock tonight. Thanks much!