Jul 3, 2010

TACTICS "Coat Tails / Committee Of Love" (AUS, 1986)


Driving down the road at night
Going to see you in my car so full of light
All around me fields made of ivory
Made of dreaming
Now i feel something real
A white light is how i feel
Committee of love

Hoping that you 're up there waiting for me
In your house behind the harbour
Where the boats [..],
touch each other
Cloud and shore
rub together
My tank is empty but i don't stop
10,000 hands push me along
Committee of love

Trees are grey and close at hand
One by one they open up and point me on
The clouds are blowing wild, wild horse
The night is bright, the moon is shining
From before and from behind
Everything i knew is cast aside
Committe of love

The moon goes flashing by
Everything is on the fly
Everything is working late
To help me on my way
Committee of love

2 is the starting number
3 is the world around you
4 are the things that hold you
1 are the things that love you
Only with each other will we find the things we want.

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Zhead said...

would you pls share Tactics album "Blue & White Future Whale"
no link active for it :-(