Dec 23, 2009

FRONTIER SCOUTS "Museum Collection" (AUS, 1984)

Following a similar path to the early GO BETWEENS and associated with them, talented australian indiepop songwriter ANDREW WILSON enters late 70's Brisbane scene with his outfit FOUR GODS. Under this moniker WILSON releases (for Able label) the single "Enchanted House / Reastless" (1980), helped by GRANT McCLENNAN on bass and LINDY MORRISON on drums.

His next step is FRONTIER SCOUTS, a band that Wilson forms in Sydney in 1982. Wilson's songwriting is now more matured, moving from post-punk angularity to a fresh indie-pop feeling. FRONTIER SCOUTS though remain a nearly unknown band... and soon disband leaving behind only one single ("When Daddy Blows His Top"/"Out Of Your Shell") and one 5-track EP ("MUSEUM COLLECTION", 1984), both for Au-Go-Go label.

Third and final act in WILSON's music career is ANDREW WILSON + ASSOCIATES. With that outfit, which includes, among others, contributions from Robert McComb (TRIFFIDS), Wilson makes a 12'' EP in Melbourne (1987). Late 80's Wilson quits music as one of the neglected heroes of australian alternative scene... and remains forgotten up to 1999 when Chapter Music presents the retrospective compilation AMATEURISM with 18 cuts from all Wilson's bands... and liner notes by Robert Forster.

FOUR GODS: Andrew Wilson (voice, guitar, percussion) - Grant McLennan (bass) - Lindy Morrison (drums) - Keryn Henry (drums) - Peter Morgan (guitar, vocals)

FRONTIER SCOUTS: Andrew Wilson (voice, guitar, perc.) - Brad Allen Waters (bass) - Graeme Hutchison (drums) - Debbie Auchinichie (backing vocals)

ANDREW WILSON + ASSOCIATES: Andrew Wilson (voice, guitar, perc.) - Nigel Harford (bass) - Steve Miler (guitar) - Robert McComb (guitar, vocals) - Julien Wu (guitar, vocals)

FRONTIER SCOUTS - When Daddy Blows His Top


Sotiris said...

Χριστουγεννιάτικη προσφορά-δώρο, με τα όλα της! Έτσι, για να αισθανόμαστε και λίγο 20+άρηδες (ξανά)!!!

La Folie Du Jour said...

Το ακουσα για πρωτη φορά μολις προσφατα, δεν ειναι βεβαια κατι πρωτοτυπο, ο πρωιμος ομως αλα Brisbane ανεξάρτητος ηχος του μ'εστειλε εκει ακριβως απ'όπου καταγεται η (επιτρεψτε μου να την λεω έτσι) αυστραλιανή μου καρδιά. Το αναρτησα σκεφτομενος οτι θα ενδιέφερε ισως οσους αγαπησαν αλμπουμ σαν το "Before Hollywood" ή το "Εvening visits and stays for years" - αμφοτερα εκ των "αδυναμιων" μου απ'την "εκεικατω" περιοχή.
Η θερμή ανταποκριση σου, Σωτήρη, με κανει να προσθέσω στην αναρτηση ακομα ενα track.