Dec 3, 2009

ALAIN GIBERT "Chariot D'Or" (FRA, 1995)

The art of ALAIN GIBERT is related with both traditional musics and avant-garde. As a search for a new music idiom, it explores territories between folk memory and folk imagination. "CHARIOT D'OR" is one of the most characteristic acts of this quest. Recorded the period 1994-95, the album comprises 14 tracks, four of which are based on traditional themes derived from french region AUVERGNE (south France), while the rest are Gibert's compositions. The composer plays piano, trombone and sings in the strange local dialect. The line up includes also BRUNO CHEVILLON on contrabass, JEAN-LOUIS MATINIER on accordion and the well known LOUIS SCLAVIS on clarinet and soprano saxophone. The music, jazzy-acoustic, turns to advantage the simplicity of sounds and extends the soul of old traditions towards innovatism and improvisation without spoiling the original warm folk feeling. However, "L' Auvergne imaginee" is rather the place where the "old" and the "new", have lost their meanings.

Alain Gibert

ALAIN GIBERT - Santa Catarino


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