Oct 16, 2009


SOGENANNTES LINKSRADIKALES BLASORCHESTER was a brass band formed in 1976, in Frankfurt, by HEINER GOEBBELS, ALFRED HARTH, CHRISTOPH ANDERS... in an attempt to reinforce artistically the left student movement demonstrations of that period. The band, designed mostly for live appearances, was consisting of about twenty musicians and played on stage, at the streets and in diverse political activities.
In spite of the circumstances of its birth, The So-Called Left Radical Brass Orchestra never was a preacher of left dogmatism. Their repertoire crossed the music history from baroque & classical period, early twentieth century to free-jazz and avant-garde, including original pieces, traditonal themes, covers of Hans Eisler, Frank Zappa etc.
Their interpretations were imaginative, inventive, uncompromised but not snobbish, eclectic, intellectual and yet very amusing - a channel for direct communication with the people.

SLB discography comprises the albums: "HÖRT HÖRT" (1977) and "MIT GELBEN BIRNEN" (1980), which in my opinion are -along with one or two Cassiber's releases- the most interesting (of the many) works GOEBBELS & HARTH have both involved.

SLB musicians:
Christoph Anders, Alfred Harth, Heiner Goebbels - tenor saxes
Henning Wiese, Rolph Riem, Barbara Muller-Rendtorff - alto saxes
Thomas Jahn, Gudrun Stocker, Cora Stefan - flutes
Volker Haas, Reinhard Bussmann, Herwig Heise, Walter Ybema - clarinets
Klaus Becker, Johannes Eisenberg, Gunther Lohr - trumpets
Michael Hoehler, Peter Lieser - trombones
Uwe Schriefer, Jorn Stuckrath - tubas
Ernst Stotzner - voice

italian version of the first LP, released in 1979 from Franco Fabbri's legendary label L'Orchestra

second LP "MIT GELBEN BIRNEN" ("With Yellow Pears")

SLB - praludium (track selected by Semilunio)

Both of SLB albums have reissued in 1999 on double CD from Munich label Trikont. So here you get some samples only from these two great works.

(9-track sampler, 27min)

01 - ich bin halt die kotze aus diener glotze
02 - rote sonne
03 - ya no somos nosotros
04 - la resistenca se organisa
05 - homesick blues
06 - die hugel von ca'n geroni
07 - poema para el despertar de un nino
08 - praludium
09 - trauermarsch

sampler by LaFolieDuJour


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