Oct 9, 2009

LUIS RIZZO CUARTETO " Tristesse " (Materiali Sonori, 1990)

Argentinian composer and guitarist LUIS RIZZO is one of the contemporary avant-tango and tango-revival acting figures, a competent heir to a really great tradition built by tango monsters (and also Rizzo's masters) as ASTOR PIAZZOLLA, JUAN JOSE MOSALINI, OSVALDO MANZI...
In 70's Rizzo participates to Mosalini's avant ensemble "Guardia Nueva", in 80's he stays in france and plays a lot in Europe. In 1988 he releases, with a trio, the album"Tango d'hier et d'aujourd'hui" (label Circe, France) and two years later, he meets italian producer Marco Castellani and starts his long collaboration with label Materiali Sonori.
"TRISTESSE" is the first fruit of this collaboration, a collection of 13 pieces written by various composers (11 tangos, 1 milonga, 1 valse), with Rizzo on guitar, Susanna Rizzi on vocals and Cesar Stroscio, future leader of the very good ensemble ESQUINA, (see our post for label Materiali Sonori), on bandoneon.

Listen to a sample here:

LUIS RIZZO CUARTETO - Tristesse (composer: Luis Rizzo)

(with singer Susanna Rizzi )
Cesar Stroscio - bandoneon
Carlos Carsen - bass
Adrian Politi - guitar
Luis Rizzo - guitar

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