Aug 2, 2009

REBBY SHARP "Into One Mouth And Out The Other" (US, 1989)

REBBY SHARP worked here with SHIMMY DISC boss, KRAMER, and TOM CORA, DAVID LICHT and FRED FRITH for her first (and only) solo LP, a work quite different from her releases with ORTHOTONICS.
Influenced by the avant-art-rock spirit of Rebby's collaborators and also focused on the creation of a poor-sounded atmosphere with references to primitive folk or retro-folk, "In One Mouth and Out The Other" can be seen retrospectively as one of those distant odd pre-announcements of the "weird-folk/lo-fi" genres of the recent years.

composition, vocals, guitar, piano, mandolin, banjo, percussion, artwork


bass, percussion, trombone, arrangements, production


cello, voice



guitar, violin



Listen to samples of the album here:

REBBY SHARP Just in time

REBBY SHARP The Harmfulness Of Tobacco


Godard said...

Wow what a sampler, just beautiful, just beautiful!
Thanks for posting

Anonymous said...

There isn´t a link of this great music I´ve heard on the samplers, is it?
Isn´t there another album by Rebby Sharp named "Against No Wall" (1987), also with Frith and Cora?Thanks a lot

LaFolieDu Jour said...

The whole of "Against No Wall" (14 tracks) is included to "In One Mouth.." so it isn't another Rebby's work.
"In One Mouth..." is the extended and complete version.
The 1990 shimmy disc edition has totally 19 tracks.
"Just in Time" is from "Against The Wall"
"Harmfulness Of Tobacco" is from the extra material.

jkkmmck said...

We used to live in a very thin-walled duplex and I infuriated my neighbor, a Gulf War 1 vet, by playing this album at a moderately loud volume. He showed up at my door with his face all red -- I think he thought the music was so bad I could only have been playing it to get on his nerves. But no, the music was great, and I was trying to enlighten him.

Anonymous said...

is there any possibility you're going to upload "some men"?

I ordered the cd but it seems to be out of print..

vaubu said...

Hm, Yes I agree with Godard this is just beautiful. Is there any change you would consider posting the entirety of REBBY SHARP's "Into One Mouth And Out The Other"

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