Aug 16, 2009

ART & TECHNIQUE "Alea Jacta Est" , EP, (FRA, 1983)

Compared to the very interesting exploratory, minimal-electronic-industrial ambience of their debut (and best) LP "CLIMA X" (1981), the 1983 three track EP "ALEA JACTA EST" finds ART & TECHIQUE been more interested in cold synth-wave dance structures, while b-side track "Another Day An Other Life" is a more atmospheric song.

CLIMA X (LP, Hi-Tec, 1981) reissued from SPALAX in 1998
PUTSCH IN MEMORIAM (7'', Hi-Tec, 1981)
ALEA JACTA EST (12'' EP, Hi-Tec, 1983)

a1 - Radio City Deutschland
a2 - Psychic Dance Floor
b1 - Another Day An Other Life

ART & TECHNIQUE noel tombe un jeudi (track from "Clima X")


the saucer people said...

444 downloads of this EP and not a single comment! It pisses me off that people think of blogs as some kind of free Itunes and it pisses me off even more that people now think of themselves as passive consumers or as Mcluhan said "sender is receiver"

Anyway, many thanks for sharing, definitely worth a listen.

paramo said...

generally, i agree with the spirit of your comment.
As you may have noticed our blog isn't so much download-orientated as before. Posts, which aren't so frequent anymore, are now showing more towards directions than encouraging consuming more free stuff.

Perhaps it's time for everyone to ask ourselves or to remember what exactly "difficult" conditions (and listening habits) have created in the past the passionate music lover we now are...

the saucer people said...

My gods, I was in a grumpy mood when I posted my last comment over four years ago!

I lost a load of music in a hard drive crash but luckily made a text file and have been slowly going through the music I remember really enjoying and the Art & Technique EP was definitely one I really enjoyed listening to.... if you ever decide to resurrect your blog, a repost of this would be splendid!

Though regards my comments of four years ago about the lack of feedback and people treating music blogs as passive consumers, things have only gotten worse so I fully understand if this blog is a closed chapter.