Jun 5, 2009


Crazy multiculturalists, experimentalists and improvisators, KAHONDO STYLE represented in 80's one of the most idiosyncratic attempts for making original music against geographical and stylistic separations.
Collecting (or stealing) sound elements from any corner of the planet and unifying, at the same time, both structures and improvisations under one elastic form, KAHONDO STYLE created original music with plethora of references... music exotic, humorous, surrealistic, theatrical, strongly rooted to the far-east culture, to eastern and south europe folk traditions, to old jazz, to pop...

KAZUKO HOHKI (vocals) - PETER CUSACK (guitar, bouzouki) - MAX EASTLEY( guitar, percussion, arc, various) - SIANED JONES (violin) - STUART JONES (cello, trumpet, bass) - DAVID HOLMES (drums, clarinettes) - ALAN TOMLINSON (trombone) - CLIVE BELL ( accordion, flute, shakuhatsi,) - TERRY DAY (drums) - STEVE NOBLE (drums).

"MY HEART'S IN MOTION", 1985, nato

"GREEN TEA & CROCODILES", 1987, nato

Listen to Kahondo Style's albums HERE

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tim jugla said...

Thank you! I`ve been at two of their concerts (in Riga and St. Petersburg). I was very inspired...After the concert in Riga we just jumped in the train and followed guys to the next gig in St. Petersburg... ))