Feb 12, 2012

EVIL TWIN "The Black Spot" (UK, 1993)

One of the masterworks in Karl Blake's catalog, "The Black Spot"  was created between 1987 and 1991, when Blake's main band Shock Headed Peters was on hiatus. Blake cooperated here with David Mellor -an old collaborator from the Lemon Kittens days, and the amazing vocalist Amy Rodenburg. Practically existing as a project for the making of this sole album, Evil Twin stayed out of action... until 2006, when suddenly appeared -with original lineup plus assisting musicians- in a Paris Festival for one only performance.
"The Black Spot" CD came out (on World Seprent distribution) in 1993. A french reissue is scheduled for2012

Evil Twin - Approximately Empty


comment devenir riche said...

Best track :D

4ugeistr said...

Is there a download link?

Oozlum said...

This is simply amazing blog! I come back through times as i grow musically and i always find some other challenges that open new doors for me. Thank you very much!

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