Nov 26, 2011

A Sudden Stroll

One hour in the company of the "small heroes" of 80's...

("Big Skin", cassette, 1986)
POLISH AUGUST ten tips for beautiful nails
("No Platform For Heels", V.A., LP, 1982)
("Performing Ferret Band", LP, 1981)
FACTION tired of love
("Faction", LP, 1981)
("Orchestras", 7'', 1981)
THE PLUGS bat brain moon man boiler boy
("Rupert Preaching At A Picnic", V.A., LP, 1981)
SCREEN 3 the dividing line
("Come Into My Jungle", 7'', 1983)
CAS CARNABY 5 death of a 1000 public houses
("Mr Morris' Funeral", LP, 1988)
INCA BABIES ramblin' man
("Opium Den", mLP, 1987)
THE LEGEND! talk open
("Some Of Us Still Burn", EP, 1985)
YEAH YEAH NOH prick up your ears [peel session]
("Fun On The Lawn Lawn Lawn", LP, 1986)
4000000 TELEPHONES we' re not coming out
("4000000 Telephones", LP, 1985)
IN EMBRACE to friends (an open letter)
("Passionfruit Pastels", LP, 1982)
THE LINES blow a kiss
("Therapy", LP, 1981)
("Ruttling Orange Peel & Blind Lemon Pie", LP, 1988)
("Musical Marriage", LP, 1983)
ZRU VOGUE do the zru
("Zru Vogue", LP, 1982)
D.J. LEBOWITZ holiday in cambodia
("Beautiful Hapiness", V.A., LP, 1988)
HAIGINSHA lusefeea
("Obscure Independent Classics vol.4", V.A., 1987)

A Sudden Stroll (19track comp. -by LaFolieDuJour )


edlorado said...

Δεν γνωρίζω κανένα, thanks!

paramo said...

Ελπιζω να βρηκες κατι ενδιαφερον εδώ. Ορισμενα σχηματα, πιστευω, αξιζουν και περαιτερω ψαξιμο.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for this fine compilation! It has all the charm of 1981's new wave/post punk. Excellent tracks, some of which I did not know before. I can only recommend this: download and listen two or three times to discover how great these tunes are!

paramo said...

Hi oldskool. You're still out there...

Anonymous said...

Yes, with less time to listen and comment (got tons of stuff from various blogs including yours that waits to be listened to) but whenever I discover gems like this I will express my enthusiasm!

dj trouble/wfmu said...

you rock! your taste is wonderful! i often rely on your judgement as you introduce me to so many obscurities. thank you!!!

Patty said...

re-up? I love algebra suicide & performing ferrets, i'd really really love to hear this compilation. :)

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