Aug 13, 2011

"Realisations", The Discreet Pop Signals of Mark Beer

Released on Belgium's Double Dose label in late 1980 and related to the starting days of the famous belgian Les Disques Du Crepuscule, Mark Beer's single "Realisations" offers a couple of tracks made of just the necessaries: a voice, a vanished guitar, an erased bass, a laconic synth...  These quiet, ultra-minimal pop signals rather than songs compete in tranquil simplicity the compositions of the contemporaries Young Marble Giants, and express the best way the short and  discreet passage of their own creator from music.

a. Love Dances Warm
Jean-Marc Lederman, electronique invisible
Frank Corneli, vanished guitar
Clive Pierce, percussion
Mark Beer, voice, erased bass

b. The Small Death
Thomas Dolbi, polyphonic synth
Jean-Marc Lederman, electronique
Mark Beer, funeral drum, vocals

cover by B. Hennebert (the great cover designer of Disques Crepuscule)



Frederikstratiboy said...

very minimalistic, but I like it.

Anonymous said...

Don't know where from but had this rip already. Can you supply anything else by the fantastic Mark Beer? Seems impossible to find! Thank you.

paramo said...

you can find the single 'pretty' and the Silent Types single 'war economy' on blogs... but 'Realisations' is what interests me and what i have.
Beer's track 'the man man' can be also found in retrospective collection '7 up'.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, paramo. Yes, that's also what I've got. Had "Pretty" as a 7" back then. Would be very much interested in the album which I never heard. Anyone?

Anonymous said...

γεια χαρα, ωραιο blog !
μηπως υπαρχει κανενα link για το the great white silence του simon fisher -turner ; ευχαριστω ..

paramo said...

anon, επικοινωνησε παρακαλω μεσω email για το soundtrack που ψαχνεις.

Anonymous said...

when are you guys going to post something again?

zachariaslafalce said...

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