Mar 3, 2011

PINO MINAFRA " Sudori " (ITA, 1995)

Italian trumpeter Pino Minafra is mostly known as a founding member of Italian Instabile Orchestra, but he has worked as well with plenty other italian and non-italian musicians and outfits. Since mid-eighties he's been making also music as a leader of his own groups, one of which, The Sud Ensemble, assists him here for what is rather his masterpiece. "Sudori" (Victo, 1995), is a cheerful and humorous freejazz-impro approach to a whole world of influences ranging from Rota, Morricone to american jazz... from his native south italian sounds to blues, tangos, romantism, theatrical-circus music etc... a love-guided work of  orgiastic diversity and extraordinarily  inventive performing.

Sud Ensemble: Pino Minafra (vocals, composition, whistling, ocarina, didjeridu, trumpet, bugle, flugelhorn, percussion); Carlo Actis Dato (vocals, baryton, clarinet, bass clarinet, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone, percussion); Lauro Rossi (vocals, trombone, percussion); Giorgio Occhipinti (vocals, piano, keyboards, synthesizer, percussion); Daniele Patumi (double bass, percussion); Vincenzo Mazzone (drums, percussion).

The music of this album appears here by request (...and the dl link will perhaps be on for a short time).



Sotiris said...

Υπέροχο. Μ΄αυτά και μ'αυτά, έχω "χαθεί" και χρειάζεται ενα τέτοιο αλμπουμ να με "συνεφέρει" εστω και προσωρινά.
(Να μην πω για τον κ.Ροτζερ Μιλερ που με κάνατε - και πολύ καλά - να ψάχνω τα βινύλιά του στη δισκοθήκη μου...)
Να ειστε καλά!!

paramo said...

Ο Minafra είναι θεόμουρλος. Αν τον συναντήσω θα του το πω. Δεν θα του συγχωρήσω ποτέ που μαρτύρησε το μυστικό ότι κατά βάθος είμαι Βορειοαφρικανός. Δε θα τον συγχωρήσω ποτέ που όταν κοιμάμαι κρυφοβλέπει αυτά που βλέπω εγώ. Δε θα τον συγχωρέσω επίσης ποτέ που με κάνει να νομίζω ότι έχω κέφια.