May 19, 2010

THE SINISTER CLEANERS "The Gnomes Of Zurich" (UK, 1985)

SINISTER CLEANERS is a Leeds indie band existed the period 1983-88. Their output consists of singles, EPs, compilation tracks and the nearly lost album "Shine", finally completed in 2007(!) when the band came back together for a while. "Shine" and all the older stuff have been out on Aaz Records (An Apple and a Zebra), the label of band's member LEN LIGGINS. The rest SINISTER CLEANERS are JOHN PARKES, ANDREW MIDDLETON and the drummer SIMON SMITH.
The "Gnomes Of Zurich / The Architech" was their first single. The track "Eating Raoule", a sample from the album "Shine", is given free from SINISTER CLEANERS website.

Sinister Cleaners - Eating Raoule


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paramo said...

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Anonymous said...

stunning band,as time drifts by I realise quite how good a band they were/are. Sounding as fresh today as when I first heard 'Angela King' on Peel in 198?. Originality never dates. Andy G