Jul 4, 2009

The Discovery Of Fire

RENE MAGRITTE, La Decouverte De Feu, oil on canvas, 1934/5

Le Feu Du Jour

01. NIEBIESKI LOTNIK - gdzie jest bóg
(album: Love Surprise, 2000)

02. LES I - Zukini
(album: Dans L' Hemisphere Nord, 1983)

03. LES BATTERIES - Dummy up
(album: Bell System, 1998)

04. LES BATTERIES - Identity Parade
(album: Noisy Champs, 1986)

05. ULRICH P. LASK -Kleine Narkosen
(album: Sucht + Ordnung, 1984)

06.JIM STALEY (with SHELLEY HIRSCH) - Genuine Risk
(album: Mumbo Jumbo, 1987)

07. THE DANUBIANS - Odpoledne
(album: THE DANUBIANS, 1999)

08. LA GRANDE FORMATION - chanson pour Christine
(album: Anyone Lived In A Pretty How Town, 1991)

09. X-LEGGED SALLY - Two Volcanoes
(album: Eggs & Ashes, 1994)

10. X-LEGGED SALLY & SMITH QUARTET - Der Doppleganger
(album: Bereft Of A Blissful Union, 1997)

11. THE WORLDS OF LOVE - The Whirls Of Love
(album: The Worlds Of Love, 1989/2000)

(album: sametitled, 1990)

13. GUIGOU CHENEVIER - Le Demarche Du Crabe
(album: Les Rumeurs De La Ville, 1998)

Few infos:

French prog band LES I made 3 albums. Name of (sometime Etron Fou's member), Bruno Mellier in their lineup, may have caused for LES I, in some circles, an interest rather bigger than they deserve.

Another Etron Fou musician, the important percussionist/improvisor Guigou Chenevier is behind LES BATTERIES. Their "Demesure Revolutionnaire" LP was posted by paramo few months ago on this blog. Chenevier's solo release "Les Rumeurs De La Ville" (Cuneiform) mixes succesfully live and taped material.

The first lp of LA SOCIETE DES TIMIDES... (in short: LA STPO) shortlyseeks for innovations in a rather tired avant-prog/RIO ground... Some good new ideas appeared here, but the overall result seems to be sentimentally blocked by an excessive eccentrity.

Belgian avant band X-LEGGED SALLY are influenced by Zappa but their experimental rock explores also music relations beyond prog. Some fine tracks can be found in most of their works. The other avant-prog belgian band of this compilation, LA GRANDE FORMATION, acted in early nineties and made two albums.

JIM STALEY is a trombonist and improvisor known for collaborations with avant musicians and composers such as FRITH, WEINSTEIN, CORA and others... Important vocalist SHELLEY HIRSCH participated on some of the best moments of Staley's "MUMBO JUMBO" release.

David Garland and Ikue Mori (plus Cinnie Cole on vocals, banjo, synths) are THE WORLDS OF LOVE. A sametitled album released in 1989 from Review label. The composition "The Whirls Of Love" belongs to the extra material appeared in 2000 reissue.

DANUBIANS are Amy Denio, Pavel Fajt and members of Kampec Dolores. Their selftitled release consists of live recordings with exquisite vocals and ethic-flavoured experimentations.

Born in Gdansk, composer and clarinetist Mazzoll (Jerzy Mazolewski) has been since early nineties one of the most important figures in Poland's Yass scene ( the new polish avant/impro jazz scene). NIEBIESKI LOTNIK is one of the several outfits he has performed with.

Fusing electronics, minimal electronics, jazz improvisation, narrations, etc... saxophonist ULRICH LASK created back in 80's, two albums quite unsual for the general aesthetics of the ECM label which released them. "Kleine Narkosen" is taken from the second one...

a collective post by Koroviov, Semilunio, paramo


Anonymous said...

Very good this compilation!!!, although I think "Les I"(Ou Bien) are extraordinary... Could you post the next entire albums, please:?

Les I: "S/t"(81), "L´Hemisphere Nord"(83)

Les Batteries: "Noisy Champs"(86), "Bell System" (98)

The Worlds of Love: "S/t" (89/00)

Thanks a lot for your great blog!!

Godard said...

Speechless! some rare gems here! Beautiful post. Thank you.
(one can dream that we see them in their entirety)