Apr 2, 2010

Jazz In Japan: The Audiophile Sounds Of THREE BLIND MICE

Tokyo's legendary label THREE BLIND MICE has held an eminent position in modern music history for both its superior audiophile productions (originally on analog disc, and later also on several digital formats) and the important role it has played on emerging japanese jazz.
Among the many remarkable TBM releases we find great debuts of jazz luminaries (ISAO SUZUKI, TSUYOSHI YAMAMOTO, MARI NAKAMOTO...), excellent albums from 60s veterans (HIDEO KANAI, MASAYUKI TAKAYANAGI...), rare documents from the early times of jazz in Japan ("Ginparis Sessions", 1963) and lots of other fine recordings, innovatively produced and recorded by TAKESHI FUJII and YOSHIHIKO KANNARI, the two pioneering sound creators whose names have coincided with TBM "sound-phenomenon".

La Folie Du Jour selects tracks from THREE BLIND MICE catalogue...

NEW DIRECTION FOR THE ARTS sun in the east ("FreeForm Suite", 1972)
SUNAO WADA QUARTET blues in the closet ( "Blues Blues Blues", 1977)
ISAO SUZUKI Ako's dream ("Ako's Dream", 1976)
SHOJI YOKOUCHI QUARTET message ("Blonde On The Rocks", 1976)
HIDEO ICHIKAWA TRIO between the lights ("Tomorrow"
, 1976 )
MASARU IMADA & GEORGE MRAZ alone together ("Alone Together", 1977)

TSUYOSHI YAMAMOTO the nearness of you ("Midnight Sugar", 1974)
TERUO NAKAMURA understanding ("Unicorn", 1973)
HIDEO KANAI QUINTET tensions ("Concierto De Aranjuez", 1978)
ISAO SUZUKI QUARTET aqua marine ("Blow Up", 1973)

nardis ("Ginparis Sessions"[1963], 1972)
GEORGE KAWAGUSHI'S BIG 4 sleepy funk ("The Big 4", 1976)
MASARU IMADA TRIO softly as in a morning sunrise ("Standards", 1976)
MARI NAKAMOTO love for sale ("Mari", 1977)
ISAO SUZUKI QUARTET + 1 body & soul ("Blue City", 1974)
HIROSHI FUKUMURA QUINTET winter song ("S/T", 1973)
TATSUYA TAKAHASHI TOKYO UNION legend of Garbo ("Scandinavian Suite", 1977)
HIDEFUMI TOKI QUARTET when sunny gets blue ("Toki", 1975)
KOSUKE MINE QUINTET work 1 ("Mine", 1970)
TSUYOSHI YAMAMOTO TRIO the way we were (" Girl Talk", 1975)

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Lapsus digiti said...

Τί να πω για την ανεκτίμητη αυτή συλλογή;! Χάρμα ώτων! Έχω μεγάλη αδυναμία στους Ιάπωνες τζαζίστες (όταν ο αδερφός μου πήγε πριν ένα χρόνο ταξιδάκι στην Ιαπωνία του είχα παραγγείλει κάμποσα δισκάκια, και μου 'φερε μόνο δύο, γιατί δεν είχε χρόνο να ψάξει!)

Δικό σας ένα κομμάτι από τα σουβενίρ της Ιαπωνίας. Προτίμησα τη live εκδοχή του:


Να είστε καλά!

Gildas said...

GREAT !! I have to go and buy Isao gems quick. I already got Blue city orang outan and The Thing + Blow up (average even if it is it's first jazz release)



LaFolieDuJour said...

Gildas, other 70's Isao Suzuki works you may like are "Ako's Dream", "Black Orpheus"... but in my opinion one or two of all those albums is enough.

paramo said...

Lapsus digiti, παντα ενδιαφερουσες οι οπτικοακουστικες σου παραπομπες και τοσο το καλυτερο οταν οδηγουν σε σχηματα των οποιων την υπαρξη ως τωρα αγνοουσαμε.
Σ'ευχαριστουμε επισης για τα καλα σου λογια

πολλους χαιρετισμους!

Octavio Mx said...

Links are death...

Can u repost?