Mar 25, 2010

The Pop Anachronism Of TOT TAYLOR

Tot Taylor, a tin pan alley lover in the heart of 80s music industry

Tot Taylor is an english composer, songwriter, film-scorer, producer and founder of the 80s label Compact Organization. His vision for a contemporary pop art influenced by favourite songforms of previous decades (Beatles, Burt Bacharach...) and especially by pre-rock'n'roll music (Cole Porter, Rodgers & Hart, George Gershwin...) found expression in a number of solo albums, scores for films or theatre plays, and other music, which he wrote and produced, (using often the alias Teddy Johns), for Compact artists such as Virna Lindt, Mari Wilson and others...
In spite of Compact Organization comparative commercial success circa 1981-83 and the influences it spred around (think of el records for example), Tot Taylor's music, with all its irony, self-parody and witty eccentrity, remained largely ignored and only japanese labels has reissued in 90s a part of it.

Selected 80s Works:
TOT TAYLOR Playtime (LP, 1981) - Inside Story (LP, 1982) - Box-Office Poison (LP, 1986) - Menswear (LP, 1987) - My Blue Period (LP, 1987) - THE SOUND BARRIER Suburbia Suite (LP, 1984)

01 offbeat (single, 1980) - 02 this time tomorrow ("Playtime") - 03 an appointment with you ("Playtime") - 04 this romance starts here ("Playtime") - 05 playtime ("Playtime'') - 06 love man (vocals: Mari Wilson, single, 1980) - 07 the girl with everything (single, 1981) - 08 don't spy on me (single, 1982) - 09 the crimson challenge ("Inside Story") - 10 richard rodgers ("Inside Story") - 11 car scribbles ("Suburbia Suite") - 12 australia ("Box-Office Poison") - 13 spoil her ("Box-Office Poison") - 14 the tearjerker waltz ("Suburbia Suite")

TOT TAYLOR - An Appointment with you


eye of sound said...

I started a new blog which you may like. feel free to visit one of these days. thanks for all the great music!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for agreat blog. Even greater to be mentioning tot taylor. Do you happen to have an impossible rare tot taylor album called "Encyclopedia totannica " ?