Apr 22, 2010

CPT. KIRK &. " Reformhölle " (GER, 1992)

CPT KIRK & was a political band from Hamburg, active from mid-80s to mid-90s. Although they left only a small number of works (mainly released from Hamburg's label WHAT SO FUNNY ABOUT), they are often mentioned as one of the sound architects of the early 90s alternative germanophone deutschrock scene. The reason is this album.

"Stand Rotes Madrid", (LP/CD), 1986
"Geldunter", (7''), 1991
"Reformhölle", (LP/CD), 1992
"Round About Wyatt" (split CD with austrian band THE MORE EXTENDED VERSIONS), 1994

Reformhölle (Link 1)

Reformhölle (Link 2)


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